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Pottery classes

The only talent you need is perseverance

We offer pottery classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. We offer group lessons, private lessons and coaching for people setting up their own studios.

Beginner class

The beginner class is an 8 week session where the basic skills of working on a potterís wheel are taught. We learn to throw simple shapes like the cylinder, the bowl and the vase, how to finish them and how to glaze them. The entire cycle of creation is followed and all the pieces you make during the class are yours to bring home. The class is limited to four students and each student has their own wheel and work space. This allows lots of one to one teaching as well as creating a dynamic and fun exchange between students.

The beginnerís session is made up of a 3 hour class. Learning pottery is very much like learning to play a musical instrument, the more you practice the better you get!

Cost: $510 (plus applicable taxes) includes the classes, the practice times, one 50 lb box of clay, all glazes, materials and firings. 50 lbs of clay is usually sufficient for the session but additional clay may be purchased as needed at $30 per 50 lb box.

Studio practice Once you have completed the beginnerís class, the basic skills we have learnt need to be practiced and integrated. What I suggest is a few months of studio practice to follow your own ideas and practice. I offer several different time slots for studio practice, there is no time commitment, and you may come as often or as little as you like. This is not a class where everyone follows the same schedule, it is an individual practice as if you had your own studio, except I am always close by to help if you have questions or get stuck. All the pieces made in the practice sessions will also be fired and are yours to keep.

Cost: $35 (plus taxes) per 3 hour practice and includes access to the potterís wheel and studio space, all tools, glazes and firings. Access to the teacher is also included for help and guidance but a practice session is not a class and students are expected to be mostly self-sufficient. Clay is purchased separately at $30 per 50 lb box as needed.

Intermediate & advanced classes: Once you have practiced for awhile, an intermediate class is set up where we see more advance forms such as plates, jars with lids, butter dishes, bottles and handles. The set-up is the same as for the beginnerís class with an 8 week session made up of a 3 hour class and a 3 hour practice time every week. The cost is the same $510 (plus taxes). When a group is ready we teach an advanced class with more complex shapes and projects such as teapots, covered casseroles and larger pieces. The set up is the same 8 week session and cost is the same $510 (plus taxes) Group classes are always limited to four students.

Private lessons and coaching

Private lessons are available at any time and cost $40 per hour with a three hour minimum per lesson.

One on one coaching is available for people who are ready to set up their own studios and need help and advice on how to do so. Cost is $40 per hour.

Other classes are also available such as glaze formulation and hand building techniques, according to demand.

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