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Clay pots have always held a great attraction for me. I love the feel of a hand thrown vessel and strive to create pieces that are a joy to use as well as to look at. I fengaboutrobineel a beautiful piece of pottery can add a quiet and subtle joy to everyday life. Using beautiful objects to prepare and serve the food we eat enhances this daily ritual.


The color blue, trademark of Robin Badger’s pottery, is obtained through the vitrification of the glaze. The glaze is made up of many natural minerals and oxides and is fired up to 2200oF. This final step hardens the pottery and vitrifies the glaze allowing it to become resistant to the many shocks of everyday use.

A full line of pottery is available for your everyday pleasure including tableware, ovenware and gifts. Please refer to the price list for a complete list of the items we offer.

Robin in studio

Long time member of the Tour des Arts in the Eastern Townships, Robin has also participated in many juried shows including the Ottawa Christmas Craft Show, The Salon des Métiers d’Art du Quebec in Montreal, 1001 Pots in Val David as well as several solo exhibitions.